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A Writing Filled Career

Interviewer: “What would you say is your greatest strength?”

Interviewee: “Writing, I LOVE to write, I have always been passionate about it.”

Everyone likes to write. Being able to put a pen to paper and write down your thoughts is an incredible feeling. But the question is, can everyone write well?

The PR industry is filled with multiple areas of study. From journalism, to math to business, everyone is coming from a different background of writing.

As an English major, I was taught a certain way to write which evidently has NOT helped me in the long run. It has made me passionate about writing, but realistically has not taught me how to write concise, straight to the point, only the facts writing.

PR training has.

Entering into the profession, we will need to know how to write everything, from business proposals to writing effective tweets in less than 140 characters. Basically, writing will be our career.

With this being said, how does a young professional looking to enter into the competition stand out from the next?

  1. Practice self-editing.

I love proofreading… other peoples work. Proofreading my own documents is a chore, but taking the time to proof and revise my own work will make the difference. I am always catching simple errors that could be avoided if only I simply re read my work.

      2. Learn to love style guides.

Buy the book, read it, learn it and love to use it. I am slowly understanding how important my style guide is to my everyday life. It is the universal way of communicating with all professionals – writing and editing all media materials, from press releases to memos.

I never thought that knowing the difference between there, their and they’re would make such an impact on my life, but it has.

Writing and grammar goes a long way in this industry and is always evolving, but as the saying goes.. practice makes perfect so my advice is to always have your style guide beside you.

Being able to write concise and being able to edit your own work will make or break you.

Interviewer: “What would you say is your greatest strength?”

Interviewee: “I am passionate about writing and have the ability to write strong concise pieces of work with little to no grammar mistakes.”

It may seem silly, but it will make that much of a difference.

Read more tips on how to improve your writing :  http://www.prdaily.com/Main/Articles/15_writing_tips_from_a_journalist_turned_PR_pro_12732.aspx


“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”


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