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a colourful look inside

After a dynamic two hours of tossing around a ball, talking to strangers and yelling out inappropriate words, I came to the conclusion that I’m not only an orange but also a green, blue and a tiny drop of gold. Who would have thought after a workshop on colours, my fellow corporate communicators and I would understand our weaknesses and strengths in one simple process. The “colours” workshop showed my strengths and my weaknesses, but most importantly showed me who I can become if I pull that box that’s far away in the back of my closet out for everyone to see.

The “colours” workshop opened my eyes to see how I contribute to a team environment. As an orange sky being creative is one of my main strengths, but after the workshop I learned that there are more things I bring to the table. I constantly see the big picture during projects which helps keep things on track and I am also a good listener. I know everyone likes to think they are a good listener, but there is a big difference when you have to listen and understand five people who all think they are right, talk about five different topics all at once that have nothing to do with an assignment. That’s when the good listening skills come in.

What surprised me the most during the workshop was the characteristics that came along with the colour gold. Although gold was the lowest score I got on the test, learning about the colour made me think I am not doomed after all. I am a complete time freak. If I need to be somewhere at a certain time I will be there, no if’s ands or buts. Apparently, this is can be seen as a strength. You would think being a time freak would make me paranoid about getting assignments done but, it’s the application of this skill I need to improve on.

Now, let’s talk about my weaknesses or what my elementary teachers would say daily, the “needs improvement” section. As we went over a gold communicator’s characteristics I knew this was where I needed the most improvement. I am never so excited about finishing a project, other than handing it in, that I want to start right away. I do not have a to-do list in my room, nor am I devoted to keeping my agenda up to date. I try to be as organized as I can but I work well in chaos and under pressure. This is where I need the most improvement. As we progress through the program I constantly see how important it is to future employers to stay on task, be organized, using charts, lists, and schedules. Not only do we as individuals need to be prepared but as a team.

After being in groups for our various assignments, I have learned that each of us brings a different perspective to the table. Our group dynamic works great. In our group you can tell straight away who the golds are, the greens, blues and oranges. We all use our strengths to complete our projects. It’s obvious through our group dynamics that if we were all one colour, let’s say orange, ideas would be flowing, conversation would be great, plans to get together would be made and no work would get done. On that note, it’s great to have a gold mine in a group for assignments. As we continue to work in our groups and I learn more about what future employers will want, individuals who are gold are the people I most admire and am learning from.

Although golds bring a lot to a working environment Doug, the facilitator of the “colours” workshop, made it clear through his style and presentation that being an outgoing, dynamic orange can have a major impact on the way people communicate. His body language and tone of voice made the presentation a success. He was engaging with his audience and presented a tell-it-like it is attitude. He made it clear that everyone has their strengths but everyone also has their weaknesses and it is crucial to learn about yourself and about your team to be successful in the future.

If “Communicate Naturally™” was a movie, I would give it five stars only because it lets you see inside other peoples work habits and it would ultimately have a happy ending because it focuses on learning about yourself and how you can improve.

After this workshop I looked back at my time spent as a Tim Hortons employee. Although the job was not mentally challenging to me, it was the perfect environment to learn how to communicate well with others which, can be difficult. Spending eight hours in a tiny space with a vast amount of “colours” can help you understand how team dynamics works. Ultimately, the “colours” workshop taught me that although everyone may need improvement, there is always room to grow.

it’s all a learning experience


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